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Chen Zheng Lei (Henan)

Source:Evaluation Committee of Martial Artists of  World

Chen Zheng Lei (1949〜), M, Wen County, Henan Province, Chinese contemporary top ten martial arts teacher, Di Chen Tai Chi were the tenth generation descendant. Member of the Chinese Wushu Association, Vice President of Henan Province Wushu Association, Executive Chairman of Henan Province Chen Style Taijiquan Association, the national intangible cultural heritage - Chen Taijiquan outstanding successors.

Chen Zheng Lei Tai Chi master Chen Changxing Department, Di Chen hard case future generations. I left lonely, life was hard; why the grief? Only boxing. Since the beginning of old, has studied with his uncle and his uncle Chen Pi Chen Zhao Kui Zhao Xi two eminent scientists Tai Chi Chuan skills, hard work and practice, before and after up to more than twenty. The Kung Fu Brothers in the division beyond its kind, drawing almost the extraction, can mastery of all Taijiquan, armed only he who has one. Abstract Gui his two dozen martial arts competition at home and abroad, known as “Tai Chi King Kong.”

In 1970, Chen Lei began Shoutu Communication Arts. In 1983, Chen Lei began to go abroad door. Chen Tai Chi Chuan is to go abroad to give lectures Chenjiagou pass the first person boxing. Now, he traveled throughout the five continents and four oceans have been more than 30 countries and regions. Wherever he went, thundering reputation. Malaysian martial arts gave him a silver plate, called him “the dean of Tai Chi.” Taiwan’s martial arts to tell him a banner, its reputation Fighting Arts “to the extreme.”

Chen Zheng Lei Jiaozuo City, who have the Sixth CPPCC Standing Committee, the Seventh People’s Congress of Henan Province. His name appeared in the “World Who’s Who” , “Chinese Wushu Dictionary” , “Dictionary of Chinese Education celebrities” and other authoritative dictionaries.

Chen Zheng Lei, Chen Taijiquan contemporary monument, a monument forever!