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Yi zhou Zhou (Guizhou)

Source:Evaluation Committee of Martial Artists of  World

He was born inGuizhou in 1981 and comes from an aristocratic family of Wushu. Black Belt 7thgrade of Sanshou Dao; famous singer of China; Present Posts:Head of GuizhouEast National Art Ensemble; the 10th-generation lineage holder ofChina Xuanshujiao and Yijing advisor of many companies; research expert ofChinese Kung Fu Weapons and Boxing; fighting expert; founder of XuanmenWrestling with 12 steps; general manager of Guiyang Duben Marketing Planning Institute.He is one of China’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

At early age hebegan to practice Taigugong and Tongzigong. At age 8 he studied Xuanmen sword,broadsword, spear and staff. At age 10, he began to study character study, Yinand Yang Fengshui, and China’s four famous boxings(Taijiquan,Chaquan, Huaquan, and Nanquan,), many kinds of weapons. Then he hasbecome the 10th-generation lineage holder of China Xuanshujiao.

He has beenemployed honorary president and Wushu consultant by many large Wushu school. In2007 he was  honored as one of“Top TenWushu Superstars of the World”and in 2008“World’s Top Ten Fighters”and“Top 100Wushu Extraordinaire.”