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Xiaoyuan Yang (Sichuan)

Source:Evaluation Committee of Martial Artists of  World

In 1966 he began topractice Wushu following his uncle, Yingpeng Xiao, the Monkey King. In 1974 heentered Chengdu Institute of Physical Education to study Wushu from professorYuntai Xi. In 1977 he graduated and stayed to teach in the Sports Department.During 1978-1982, 1988-1990 he served as coach of Wushu Team of ChengduInstitute of Physical Education. During 1990-1993, he served as coach of WushuSanshou Team of Chengdu Institute of PE and Sichuan Province Wushu SanshouTeam.

During 1993-1995 he was employed as headcoach of Egypt National Wushu Team. In 1996 he was employed as head coach ofUSA Kung Fu Union and Florida Shaolin Temple. In May of 2003 he was invited togive lectures in Innsbruck University, Salzburg University, Germany, Italy andother countries. In 2008 he was honored as one of “World-Famous Wushu Artists”and “Top 100 Wushu Extraordinaire.”

He has published over ten articles such as“Thinking of WushuTowards the World”,“The Present Situationand Causes of Foreign Martial Arts Market”, “On the Martial Arts Teaching Reform”. He has also participated in writing many books such as Sports andHealth (publishedby Higher Education Publishing House in 2001).